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There is no “real” backspace.

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Much novelty lies in the very public, public record of the internet. Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is erased. 

Issues here arise in a seemingly prevailing misconception: SIMPLY ERASING A MOMENTARY ERR IN JUDGEMENT IS NOT SO SIMPLE. You see, the web, at its very foundation, is archival. The web takes meaning in specific moments in time. These moments archive themselves, or arrange much like scenes: a public narrative of all our web-wisdoms and all of our web-‘woops,’  or potentially self-damaging behaviors in regards to our online activities.

Pictures, posts, tweets, “private” e-mails, search engine utilizations,… etc… in all forms of our internet-managed-identities we must heed necessary diligence. Unlike our hometown we formed a rotten reputation in or the college girlfriend we unfairly ended things with, we cannot avoid the web. The archives are accessible, always. In such, my words of advice: Mind your mistakes.